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באתר שלי תוכלו למצוא המון מידע ייחודי על היקום, Dark matter
מערכת הנפש,תת מודע,מוח, תודעה ,תהליך חיים בטבע וכו...
כמו כן, אנו עושים שימוש בשיטות טיפול חדשניות ומציעים פתרונות לבעיות בריאותיות

The mirror of my soul - Vol 2. - Зеркало моей души (Том 2)

The mirror of my soul - An Autobiographic chronicle. Vol 2. America the Real Thing: "Being born in the USSR and having lived in this country for thirty years before my departure to the USA, I was totally sure that the socialist regime was the creation of social parasites the purpose of which was to destroy the best part of the nation — the strong people as they were called in the Torah and the Old Testament — to break the back of the nation and to convert the remaining into slaves... Leaving the USSR, I was sure that at last I was able to break loose from the "Empire of Evil" into the free world — America! I thought and wanted to believe that beyond the iron curtain was real freedom!...anticipating a little, I would like to say that I found no freedom whatsoever in the USA! On the contrary, I saw another parasitic system where people were converted into slaves whilst considering themselves to be free..."

© Nicolai Levashov, 2008.

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