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באתר שלי תוכלו למצוא המון מידע ייחודי על היקום, Dark matter
מערכת הנפש,תת מודע,מוח, תודעה ,תהליך חיים בטבע וכו...
כמו כן, אנו עושים שימוש בשיטות טיפול חדשניות ומציעים פתרונות לבעיות בריאותיות
The mirror of my soul - Vol 1. - Зеркало моей души (Том 1)

The mirror of my soul - Vol 1. - Зеркало моей души (Том 1)

The mirror of my soul - An Autobiographic chronicle. Vol 1. Born in the USSR: "There are several reasons why I decided to write my own biography. First, whenever I had occasion to talk about some events of my life, my stories would often come back to me in the form of the most unimaginable "folklore." In fact, my tales took on such "facts" and colorations that even I listened to them with interest. The second reason that impelled to such a "feat" was the fact that every now and then someone would appear and offer to write my biography—and every time something stopped me. Once I even agreed to have an American woman author garner my recollections onto audiocassettes and spent several days with her recording them. But then I changed my mind and gave up the offer. First of all, I had to expend a lot of time describing and explaining events that had happened to me. Secondly, to my utter astonishment, writers and journalists managed to distort everything despite their having my recorded recollections: this would include exaggerating, distorting facts and sometimes simply telling bare-faced lies..."